iNetYears Mail SeCure Suite - a safer way to secure email


Email remains the dominant method of communication with customers, colleagues and suppliers, but the level of sensitive information that is being shared demands a more robust security wrap - to protect from malicious external behaviours, and from internal staff that may have emailed data they should not have or used a file sharing service that cannot be centrally controlled and audited.  

iNetYears has partnered with PineApp to deliver Mail SeCure, available as individual components or as a comprehensive suite of the five components:

multi layer av/as solution (anti virus/ anti spam)

archive (full archive and e-discovery)

encryption (robust email security for sensitive information)

large file (LF) service


each service addresses a core and, nowadays, non-discretionary deliverable of IT security services and unlike most alternative solutions, customers and partners have the choice of deploying as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution or as a dedicated instance on-premise or hosted elsewhere.

Comprehensive Email Security Suite

A Safer Way To secure email.

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